Ecstatic Camouflage

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A revitalization at the squat gallery (aka the South Plateau Adobe Ruin) including works in concrete and bone by Tyler Spurgin, and an installation of my lichen canvases. Contact either one of us to schedule a visit. The gallery is hosted in an abandoned building at the south end of Plateau street in Marfa. If you visit independently, please use an inside voice, don’t bother the wasps, and enter at your own risk.

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Wildflower Sigils and Mantras: Casa Piedra Road
Daniel Chamberlin
Marfa Book Company

The images in this series were collected on a daylong drive south from Marfa, Texas on Casa Piedra Road in the spring of 2015. The season was known for a historic wildflower bloom that followed an unusually wet winter. The photos are digitally cut, pasted and collaged into sigils and mantras with the intention of warding off depression and fostering communion with the plant mind. Images are printed by Color Wheel Digital with archival inks on Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper. Prints are in unlimited addition, available at $100 and $150. 

Phone: 432-729-3906

Yellow Flowers

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The Last Marriage of Space and Time
Daniel Chamberlin
Marfa Book Company
August 28 – September 18, 2015

The Last Marriage of Space and Time is a new body of work from Marfa-based artist Daniel Chamberlin. Chamberlin’s collaged photographs of crystals and minerals are paired with text taken from J.G. Ballard’s The Crystal World (1966), including a line from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Adonais, as quoted in the novel. The Crystal World is set in the riverside jungles of Gabon, and sits among Ballard’s natural disaster/apocalypse novels – see also: The Wind From Nowhere (1961), The Drowned World (1962) and The Drought (1964). It tells the story of a doctor traveling to a remote leper colony while contending with an environmental catastrophe in which life on Earth seems to be slowly succumbing to mass crystallization.

Chamberlin’s works feature language from the novel, and take inspiration from the designs of William Morris, the text-based work of Ed Ruscha, and the back patch textiles of the metal and punk communities. The wall hangings are printed on linen-cotton canvas; the typeface is Cloister Black, a font that originates in the early 1900s, but was adopted in the ‘80s and onward by metal bands such as Bathory and Nails. 

Prints are on linen-cotton canvas in unlimited edition. Available from Marfa Book Company for $200. Various sizes, approximately 38 x 56 inches. Inquire with MBCo for specific dimensions.

Phone: 432-729-3906

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swale-blossom-1Chihuahuan Desert Cactus Bloom Tower 1. Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas with wallpaper
85″ x 38″ canvas installed on 8′ x 10′ wall

 Swale + Blossom is on view now at Mary Etherington, 124 E. El Paso in Marfa, Texas

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Swale 1. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

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Swale 2. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

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Swale 3. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

DECEMBER 22, 2020 UPDATE: I've uploaded this classic Inter-Dimensional Music mixtape from 2013 to the ID Music archive at

Original post from November 26, 2013:

Backcountry Chillout Vol. 1 is a new mixtape from Inter-Dimensional Music and Arthur Magazine featuring classic, new and previously unreleased music from Matthewdavid, Sean McCann, Ashan, $3.33, Thoughts On Air, Stag Hare and Sun Araw.

There’s a good reason that Inter-Dimensional Music is the number one New Age radio broadcast in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas: Since we first started transmitting on Marfa Public Radio in the spring of 2010, each song we’ve played has been selected with the goal of offering all the souls passing through the Chihuahuan Desert a soundtrack worthy of our luminescent high country vistas.

So whether you’re waiting in line at the Sierra Blanca Border Patrol checkpoint; watching the lights of Boquillas from the South Rim of the Chisos; channeling the spirit of curandera Jewel Babb deep in the Quitman Mountains; decoding starlight vibrations at the McDonald Observatory; vibing on the sky island rhythms of the Davis Mountains Preserve; documenting rock art sites off Casa Piedra Road; or if you’re just another lonely backpacker waiting for your man down by the Rio Grande, we’re here to score your time under the radiant heavens of the Trans-Pecos with a soundtrack of expansive ambience and transcendent psychedelic drone.

Thus, in collaboration with our old friends at Arthur Magazine, ID Music presents this first edition of Backcountry Chillout, a collection of contemporary New Age music hand-picked for arid wilderness viewing stations. So light that special incense you’ve been saving, reposition your moonlight gemstones however the plant mind directs you, point the speakers toward the screen door and adjourn to the porch. Leave us on repeat until everything’s back to tranquilo again.

Inter-Dimensional Music is North America's Gnarliest Mix of Heavy Mellow, Kosmische Slop, and Void Contemplation Tactics. Turn on at 99.1FM WQRT Indianapolis, Marfa Public Radio on the West Coast of Texas, and LOOKOUT FM Los Angeles. Eventually archived at

Hosted by Daniel Chamberlin: artist, writer, mindfulness guide, and yoga teacher. #CosmicChambo online everywhere.

Vaya con Gaia,

Daniel “Chambo” Chamberlin

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Corder Lumber

Images from the October 11, 2014 Contra Text group exhibition at the Corder Hardware & Lumber gallery in Marfa, TX.

Contra Text Installation 1

Nopales 1. Cattail Falls , BBNP. Far West Texas

Opuntia 2. Cattail Falls, BBNP. Far West Texas
55″ x 38″ inkjet print on canvas

Nopales 1, Mule Ears, BBNP. Far West Texas

Opuntia 1. Mule Ears, BBNP. Far West Texas
42″ x 38″ inkjet print on canvas

Nopal 7 lo res

Opuntia 7. Chisos Mountains, BBNP. Far West Texas
38″ x 51″ inkjet print on canvas

Nopal 6 lo res

Opuntia 6. Chisos Mountains, BBNP. Far West Texas
76″ x 38″ inkjet print on canvas