DSC_0003Scenes from the October 25, 2015 South Plateau Adobe Ruin (SPAR) Sunset Viewing, as seen in Glasstire. See more images of the SPAR at

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Daniel Chamberlin and Tyler Spurgin invite the community to join them at the South Plateau Adobe Ruin (SPAR) for a sunset viewing from 6-8pm on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

SPAR is a space inspired in varying degrees by guerilla gardening, Abby Banks’ Punk Houses, Marfa’s “24/7” Entrance Gallery (RIP), and Donald Judd’s practice of reclaiming abandoned structures with minimal disturbance.

In its current configuration, SPAR houses untitled works in concrete and bone by Spurgin, along with Chamberlin’s Lichen Communion Chamber installation, including new in-progress lichen and moss terrariums.

SPAR is located on the southeast corner of Waco and Plateau in Marfa, Texas. Visitors should be aware that SPAR is an abandoned house: Enter at your own risk, be quiet, and don’t bother the wasps or the neighbors. Flashlights are advised past sundown. More images of current and past installations at

For more information, contact Updates @CosmicChambo.


A revitalization at the squat gallery (aka the South Plateau Adobe Ruin) including works in concrete and bone by Tyler Spurgin, and an installation of my lichen canvases. Contact either one of us to schedule a visit. The gallery is hosted in an abandoned building at the south end of Plateau street in Marfa. If you visit independently, please use an inside voice, don’t bother the wasps, and enter at your own risk.

More photos at

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