Inter-Dimensional Music 20201218

Inter-Dimensional Music is North America’s Gnarliest Mix of the stillness in stillness that is not the real stillness

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We turn our attention to stellar evolution for this week’s session with the hope of perceiving “the spiritual rhythm that pervades heaven and earth.” Our soundtrack includes harmonizing occult frequencies in the key of Kate Bush, an enthusiastic rending of celestial bodies, classic New Age regarding the many names of night, heavenly downer folk from AlaCaliTucky, and the disorienting lysergic warp of Yellow Eyes’ black metal about telescopes and “flatness becoming depth.” A hazy international blend of ritual trance music drifts from the speakers as another meditation on impermanence comes to an end.

Language throughout the broadcast as excerpted from Hong Zicheng’s Vegetable Roots Discourse. 

This week’s video flyer comes courtesy of longtime friend of the show Jon Coleman. Jon’s sublime @Marfa_Mystery_Channel project offers a rare glimpse of the lonely and beautiful wonders that manifest to dwellers on the high desert grasslands of Far West Texas: “Simple Programming For Simple People.”

📹 untitled (2020) – @marfa_mystery_channel
🔊 “Impermanence / Rebirth” – Tunes of Negation

ID Music 20201218 setlist:

track – artist
Memnon Sa – Golden Ram
Leyland Kirby – My dream contained a Star
Enya – Paint the Sky with Stars
Michio Kurihara – The Old Man And The Evening Star
Brightblack – Wildshiney Stars
Flying Canyon – Crossing By Your Star
Yellow Eyes – Warmth Trance Reversal
Tunes of Negation – Impermanence / Rebirth
Silver Antlers – Stargaze Drifter


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