Inter-Dimensional Music Presents Backcountry Chillout Volume 1


DECEMBER 22, 2020 UPDATE: I’ve uploaded this classic Inter-Dimensional Music mixtape from 2013 to the ID Music archive at

Original post from November 26, 2013:

Backcountry Chillout Vol. 1 is a new mixtape from Inter-Dimensional Music and Arthur Magazine featuring classic, new and previously unreleased music from Matthewdavid, Sean McCann, Ashan, $3.33, Thoughts On Air, Stag Hare and Sun Araw.

There’s a good reason that Inter-Dimensional Music is the number one New Age radio broadcast in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas: Since we first started transmitting on Marfa Public Radio in the spring of 2010, each song we’ve played has been selected with the goal of offering all the souls passing through the Chihuahuan Desert a soundtrack worthy of our luminescent high country vistas.

So whether you’re waiting in line at the Sierra Blanca Border Patrol checkpoint; watching the lights of Boquillas from the South Rim of the Chisos; channeling the spirit of curandera Jewel Babb deep in the Quitman Mountains; decoding starlight vibrations at the McDonald Observatory; vibing on the sky island rhythms of the Davis Mountains Preserve; documenting rock art sites off Casa Piedra Road; or if you’re just another lonely backpacker waiting for your man down by the Rio Grande, we’re here to score your time under the radiant heavens of the Trans-Pecos with a soundtrack of expansive ambience and transcendent psychedelic drone.

Thus, in collaboration with our old friends at Arthur Magazine, ID Music presents this first edition of Backcountry Chillout, a collection of contemporary New Age music hand-picked for arid wilderness viewing stations. So light that special incense you’ve been saving, reposition your moonlight gemstones however the plant mind directs you, point the speakers toward the screen door and adjourn to the porch. Leave us on repeat until everything’s back to tranquilo again.

Inter-Dimensional Music is North America’s Gnarliest Mix of Heavy Mellow, Kosmische Slop, and Void Contemplation Tactics. Turn on at 99.1FM WQRT Indianapolis, Marfa Public Radio on the West Coast of Texas, and LOOKOUT FM Los Angeles. Eventually archived at

Hosted by Daniel Chamberlin: artist, writer, mindfulness guide, and yoga teacher. #CosmicChambo online everywhere.

Vaya con Gaia,

Daniel “Chambo” Chamberlin

Full liner notes after the jump …

+ The compilation begins and ends with previously unreleased work from Los Angeles-based producer Matthewdavid, two mellow drone pieces inspired by his time visiting Marfa for the Tonalism Festival in March of 2012. 

+ From there our journey continues through Sean McCann’s “Aerial Sapphire Show,” an undulating flow of polychromatic drone that is the best approximation of the sparkling clouds of stars seen above the Marfa Plateau that we’ve yet heard.

+ Celia Hollander makes an appearance in her $3.33 guise, with a song recorded during her cold winter sojourn here in Presidio County, sequestered at the Corder Lumber studios across from the Get Go. It’s a sort of time-slipping R&B gamelan experience that culminates in the high lonesome sound of Marfa felines in heat.

+ Celia’s former summer camp crush Ashan is next, with “Forest Hair,” a selection from Ancient Forever, an album of old growth vibrations infused with always welcome signifiers of classic New Age recordings. Flutes, chanting and mysterious percussive jingles throughout.

+ Then we move into music from neighboring deserts: First, the Sun Araw Band IX brings us a dank live version of “Canopy” — a classic jam from Boat Trip — recorded at Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace in the Mojave Desert for their Yucca Valley 2012 album.

+ An unreleased gem from Utah’s Great Basin Desert follows: Stag Hare’s “Song for Justine” is a kind of paean to contemplating mortality while lost in the rain, a piece of music that speaks to the holiness of the precipitation that so rarely falls in rain-shadowed ecoregions.

+ Next we tune to classic cassette-tape earth psych from Thoughts On Air, the final movement of a well worn split C30 with Black Eagle Child, this but one of many sun-faded drifter folk mantras heard on its melted spools. 

+ And Matthewdavid brings us home with another iteration of his Marfa tribute, this time slowed and throwed down to a Big Bend lullaby tempo.

It’s Backcountry Chillout time, so light that special incense you’ve been saving, reposition your moonlight gemstones however the plant mind directs you, point the speakers toward the screen door and adjourn to the porch. Leave us on repeat until everything’s back to tranquilo again.

* * *

Music featured on “Backcountry Chillout Vol. 1”:

1. Matthewdavid – “Sneaky Marfa” (previously unreleased)

2. Sean McCann – “Aerial Sapphire Show” (from The Capital)

3. $3.33 – ” ) ) )-)-)-)-)-)-)-)-)-)-)-) ) ) )-)-)-)-)” (from – – – – — — — – – – –)

4. Ashan – “Forest Hair” (from Ancient Forever)

5. Sun Araw Band IX – “Canopy” (from Two From The Desert: Yucca Valley 2012)

6. Stag Hare – “Song for Justine” (previously unreleased)

7. Thoughts On Air – “A Psoft Psun Reflective” (from
Black Eagle Child/Thoughts On Air)

8. Matthewdavid – “Sneaky Marfa Slow” (previously unreleased)

Liner notes and cover artwork by DANIEL CHAMBERLIN.
Engineered by BOBBY TAMKIN at The Sound Ranch.


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