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We’ll be back later this March with more news about our next installation, a collection of photo-based works informed in part by the writings of Victorian proto-ecologist (and erotophobe?) John Ruskin. Fresh lichen prints are making their way to Marfa from Color Wheel Digital in Baltimore, destined for the expanding plant-mind meditation zone already in progress at Etherington Art.




swale-blossom-1Chihuahuan Desert Cactus Bloom Tower 1. Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas with wallpaper
85″ x 38″ canvas installed on 8′ x 10′ wall

 Swale + Blossom is on view now at Mary Etherington, 124 E. El Paso in Marfa, Texas

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Swale 1. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

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Swale 2. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

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Swale 3. Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas, 2014
Inkjet print on canvas
38″ x 50″

“Inter-Dimensional Music,” the New Age and earth-psych show that I host with David Hollander, floats through the Far West Texas air every Sunday night at 93.5 FM from 9-11pm (CST), and is often available streaming live online at

The above image is from the Bottomless Lakes, a series of desert cenotes near Roswell, New Mexico.

Here’s what we listened to on 5 December 2010:

Farmland Fantasy by Atlas Sound from Bedroom Databank Vol. 4
Ripley Station by Swanox from Dawnrunner
Gordon’s Theme by Dylan Ettinger from New Age Outlaws: Director’s Cut
Alfa (Dusted) by Arp from The Soft Wave
Moving Apart by Mark McGuire from Living With Yourself
Gudene Vet + Snutt by Lindstrom & Prins Thomas from II
Departure From the Northern Wasteland by Michael Hoenig from Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Echolocation by Pocahaunted from Threshold
Solar System Is My God by High Wolf from Ascension
Makes Sense to Me by The Fun Years from God Was Like, No
Paper Windmill by Mountains from Mountains
Primitive Associations/Great Mass Above by Growing from The Soul Of The Rainbow And The Harmony Of Light
Ke Ala Ke Kua by Dolphins Into The Future from Ke Ala Ke Kua

In April of 2009 I traveled to Terlingua, a remote border settlement in the Chihuahuan Desert of Far West Texas, to spend time with the DIY homesteaders and off-the-grid outsiders who were getting down together for the first annual Terlingua Green Scene. I’m in the process of publishing my account of the wild times I had there in Arthur Magazine.

Read the first installment, “No Winners, Only Survivors,” at the Arthur Magazine website. More chapters are on their way, so stay tuned.

For more of my reporting and photography about the Marfa “drug blimp” and other paranoid visions from this unique region of the Lone Star state, check out “Dread Zeppelins: Letter from West Texas,” also in Arthur Magazine.