Inter-Dimensional Music 20210611

Inter-Dimensional Music 20210611 is North America’s Gnarliest Mix for experiencing equanimity in the midst of discomfort

Fridays 12p ET
99.1 @WQRTFM Indianapolis

Sundays 11p CT 
93.5FM @MarfaPublicRadio
Far West Texas

Random encounters
@LOOKOUT_FM Los Angeles

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Our practice this week takes us from the deceptively warm-sounding resonance emanating from sunlit ice masses, though heavyweight folk from the Styx Riverbottom Nightmare Trio, to blues-infused doom for waterfront wailing, and furious blackened bootgaze for the morning after. 

We’ll come down easy with Live ‘Dive, and one of Neil Halstead’s favorite Slint songs. 

This week’s dharma will be familiar to veterans of our Basking in Gravity mindfulness installations, as Ezra Bayda encourages us to get comfortable with the idea that things aren’t always gonna work out how we want.

📹 untitled (“Social History of the Mosh Pit”)
#CosmicChambo Slow Flow Edit

🔊 Saariselka – “Ceres”

✍️ Ezra Bayda

ID Music 20210611 setlist:

artist – track
Saariselka – Ceres (excerpt)
Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin – Heaven Torn Low I (the passage)
Samothrace – La Llorona
Panopticon – The Embers at Dawn
Slowdive – Avalyn (live)
Slint – Washer
Saariselka – Ceres (excerpt)
Dharma: Ezra Bayda


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