Scenes from the Secret Show, a midnight concert held in Terlingua’s Church of Santa Inez, featuring an acoustic performance from the McMercy Family Band. The show coincided with the Terlingua Green Scene, a festival of art, film, gardening and sustainable living strategies. I’m currently working on a long-form profile of the homesteaders and off-the-grid artists behind the Green Scene, soon to be published in Arthur Magazine.


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23:49:29 – 00:04:48

Full moon exposures from the night of 9-10 May 2009. Documented at a backcountry campsite on the northwestern slope of the Hexie Mountains, near the Squaw Tank monzogranite in Joshua Tree National Park.

01:11:09 – 01:23:55

DSC_003801:30:39 – 01:45:02

01:54:15 – 02:09:05

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Into The Green’s photographs from the full moon expedition to the Kelso Dunes are part of the second “Carnival of the Arid,” a survey of blogs featuring writing and photography from desert regions, coordinated by Coyote Crossing’s Chris Clark. This edition includes images of Andalucian Spaghetti Western settings, nearly abandoned remote-desert subdivisions and field notes from a birding expedition to Kuwait, just for starters. Check it out at Coyote Crossing.