Church of Santa Inez, Terlingua, TX – 11 April 2009


Scenes from the Secret Show, a midnight concert held in Terlingua’s Church of Santa Inez, featuring an acoustic performance from the McMercy Family Band. The show coincided with the Terlingua Green Scene, a festival of art, film, gardening and sustainable living strategies. I’m currently working on a long-form profile of the homesteaders and off-the-grid artists behind the Green Scene, soon to be published in Arthur Magazine.


More Into the Green:

“Letter from West Texas: Dread Zeppelins” in Arthur Magazine

The Sodfather – Altadena, CA – August 2007

Marfa, TX – 9 April 2009

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  1. DAN !!
    hey man, i got your note from the Transmissions From Sinai comp via Arthur! good stuff man, thanks for the note, hope you’re well and maybe we’ll cross paths soon enough. Ive been looking for your blog for a few weeks and couldn’t remember the name of it…glad i found it.

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