Into The Green Soundsystem: September 2008

Here’s what Into The Green was listening to last month while poring over all the lichen photos we took in North Carolina and Hawaii this summer.

Black Flag
Loose Nut


Nobody we know ever talks about how weird and funny and catchy and heavy the last two Black Flag albums are. Or maybe we just weren’t paying attention.

Linval Thompson
Negrea Love Dub

Thompson did all these super smooth roots albums in the late ’70s and he was also the dude lacing Scientist with rhythms in the early ’80s but all anybody seems to care about is his song “I Love Marijuana,” because, y’know, us reggae people love pot so it’s the anthem and shit. Negrea Love Dub is one of his awesome dub ventures, all liquid melody and drippy reverberations. (*We found this on an otherwise awful reggae blog with auto-start players and horrible pop-ups. Beware.)

Where You Go I Go Too


Crunchy Scandinavian space disco that makes us have awesome tangerine dreams when we are snoozing on transcontinental flights.

“Gebel Barkal” 7-inch


Om has a new drummer and he is doing the drumming a little different but it’s still Om with the thundering bass ragas and oh-so-serious chanting about Zoroastrian wildlife and such plus the B-side is a “version” which was inevitable with all those white dreads that love Om. Also: First release from the resurrected Sub Pop singles club.

Michio Kurihara
Sunset Notes


The Japanese psych guitar genius made this trippy album about his nine most favorite sunsets back in 2005 and everybody should go find it now cuz it’s just so goddamn pretty.

Horse Feathers
House With No Home


Sad folk music with fiddles and harmonies and pictures of barns in the snow: We are a sucker for this kinda thing so fuck it.

Lightning Bolt
Wonderful Rainbow


We forget how much we like Lightning Bolt and then one day we’ll listen to one of their albums on repeat all day and it just feels grrrrreat.

All The Way


Camping on the beach in Big Sur and watching the fog roll in at 1AM and how the gray ocean and foggy sky become one all I can think of is The Sky’s Run Into The Sea and how the waves sound like that album too. This new one’s real good, with more rhythms bobbing around in the washes of guitar sound.

Ecstatic Sunshine


Our friend Kevin put us on to these cheery-chirpy Baltimore guitar noise guys a long time ago and just now we’re getting around to ’em. Mixes nicely with our Awesome Tapes From Africa playlist, too.

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey And His International Brothers
The Horse The Man And His Son?


Our favorite DL from Awesome Tapes From Africa right now because Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey is the best name for a bandleader and because of the easygoing juju vibes with super-tight drums and that one thing that makes the ooowoomp oowoomp gulping sound.


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